The complete guide to regaining control of your life after a diagnosis of cancer.

"The FIRST thing you should have right you after your diagnosis..."

Controlling The Odds,” is your comprehensive guide to learning how to control the controllable odds in your favour and provide you with the best chances of beating cancer. This all-in-one resource empowers you to become an active participant in your journey back to wellness.

Read about valuable and hard to find information such as:

I have developed a comprehensive yet easy to follow ten-step roadmap drawing from my twenty- plus years as a nutritionist, thousands of hours of research, and my personal experiences of witnessing family members and clients deal with the challenges of cancer. The roadmap is designed to help you manage the numerous controllable factors which may have contributed to the development of cancer and when adjusted, provide you with the best chances of beating the disease.

What Readers Say About This Book

I have read your book at least 4 times and each time get more excited by the things I'm learning and putting into practice. Congratulations on such an informative incredible book. I'm going through the pancreatic cancer journey with my family, mostly my gorgeous daughter who has been my biggest supporter in everything. I tell everyone who is experiencing this journey about your book as it's so difficult to find this information on your own. I feel like it should be the first thing you should have handed to you on diagnosis!! It's amazing that information that is so valuable and not shared widely across the healthcare system, I guess bureaucracy creeps in everywhere.

“When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2022, my world was turned upside down and I had so many questions but didn’t know who to ask. My GP certainly wasn’t equipped to help me address all my concerns. Matt gave me a draft copy of his book and within two days of reading, I already felt my stress levels drop as I started to see a clear path to walk to get myself well again. I’m now clear of cancer and living my life with renewed passion and vitality. I would recommend this book to anyone who has, or would like to avoid developing cancer.”

What's Inside

Chapter 1: Take a Deep Breath
Chapter 2: Ask for Help
Chapter 3: Plan your Journey to Wellness
Chapter 4: Manage your Mindset
Chapter 5: Eat to Heal
Chapter 6: Eating The Fit 50
Chapter 7: Get Moving
Chapter 8: Removing Internal and External Toxins
Chapter 9: Controlling Your Environment
Chapter 10: Thriving Beyond Remission
Understanding the Roles of Cancer Medical Practitioners
Understanding Cancer Treatments and Their Side Effects
Blood Tests for Cancer Detection and Monitoring
Explaining Common Cancer Terms:
Supportive Supplements for Fighting Cancer
Embracing Life Beyond Cancer
Bonus: Sample Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and Recipes

The Benefits

Meet the Author

Matt Straight

Matt Straight is a dedicated advocate for health and wellness, driven by a profound passion to help individuals achieve better health. Born in the UK, raised in New Zealand, and having worked in countries such as India, the Philippines, and Australia, Matt has a rich background in holistic wellness management and nutritional practice.

With over 20 years of experience as a nutritionist and wellness coach, Matt’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2016 when his mother received a misdiagnosis for what was thought to be lingering pneumonia from the previous year. Tragically, when his mother insisted on further investigation, it was revealed that she had late-stage pancreatic cancer, and just a few months later, sadly she passed away due to the late detection.

Despite his extensive background in nutrition and wellness, Matt quickly came to the realisation that both nutritionists and doctors were seriously lacking adequate training to help cancer patients improve their odds of conquering the disease beyond the conventional approaches of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. As both a devoted son and a seasoned nutritionist, he grappled with the helplessness of being ill-equipped to assist his dear mother. For the first time in his life, this heart-wrenching experience plunged Matt into a state of depression.

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