Chicken – Organic


Ensure that you are purchasing organic chicken that is different from being just free range. Free-range chickens are still fed genetically modified grain that can contain antibiotics and hormones. If you are unable to find organic chicken, just look for wild caught fish or organic beef instead.

Why Chicken – Organic is good for us


Chicken is an excellent source of lean and easily digested protein, which is vital for maintaining strength, preserving muscle mass, and promoting recovery during and after treatment. Organic chickens are raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, decreasing exposure to potential carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. They are also fed organic feed, which removes the intake of pesticide residues and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) indirectly. Furthermore, organic farming methods are often more sustainable and environmentally friendly, promoting biodiversity and reducing the contamination of ecosystems with synthetic chemicals.

A diet rich in high-quality, nutrient-dense foods such as organic chicken can support overall wellbeing and strengthen the body’s defences, which is essential during the fight against cancer.