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The complete guide to regaining control of your life after a cancer diagnosis.

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Hear from our founder, Matt Straight how Controlling The Odds can help you or someone you love start controlling the odds in your favour.

For years we have been led to believe that cancer is something that just randomly happens to us. However, recent studies reveal that contrary to belief, up to 95% of cancers result from very controllable factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress management, and emotional well-being.

Armed with this encouraging insight, we no longer need to feel helpless in the face of a cancer diagnosis. By identifying these controllable factors, we can proactively make decisions to reverse them, seize control of our well-being, and increase our chances of overcoming the disease and thriving in remission.

The Controlling The Odds website and book was developed by Matt Straight, a seasoned nutritionist and wellness coach. Matt’s personal journey began with his mother’s late-stage pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2016, sparking a relentless quest for answers. The lack of reliable information prompted him to create a comprehensive resource that others could turn to in their time of need.

Matt’s mission is clear: to empower individuals facing cancer with the knowledge to make informed decisions that could positively influence their healing journey. Through countless hours of research and hands-on experience with cancer patients in his nutrition practice, he has developed a ten step roadmap to recovery, addressing nutrition, mindset, toxin avoidance, medical consultations, test interpretation, treatment comprehension and much more.

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Hear from our founder, Matt Straight how Controlling The Odds can help you or someone you love start controlling the odds in your favour.

Join the Controlling The Odds community—download resources, explore recipes, and engage with inspirational stories. Take the first step in controlling the odds, and explore a world where informed decisions lead to transformative outcomes.

Your Road Map to Recovery

Take a Deep Breath

Getting diagnosed is an unsettling and stressful experience, but it is important not to rush into making any decisions. Don’t be scared to seek second opinions and explore alternative therapies.

Ask for Help

During your journey, you may require physical and emotional support to get you through. Start to “Build Your Village”, your dream team of health professionals, friends and family members. ​

Planning your journey to wellness

After you have gathered the facts, researched what treatments and therapies are available to you in your local area and start to see a path forward, it is important to make a plan which will provide structure and reduce stress.

Manage your mindset

Being diagnosed and then trying to find the right path to take can be stressful and emotionally draining. Choosing your mindset and forming habits to ensure you maintain a positive mindset is important to your recovery and staying well.

Eat to Heal

We delve into the importance of consuming a diet consisting of low glycemic, nutrient dense unprocessed whole foods which help reduce acidity and inflammation. This chapter also explores the fundamental connection between gut health, avoiding blood sugar spikes, how fasting can help boost immunity, and provides practical meal plans and recipes designed to optimise your health and healing.

Eating The “Fit 50”

No amount of medication and treatments can fix a dietary related disease such as diabetes and around 80% of all cancers. We have researched the fifty most effective ingredients that have significant anti cancer or immune boosting properties. Learn more about these foods and how they can help you in your fight for better health. ​

Get Moving

We now know that exercise plays a beneficial role in not only the prevention of cancer, but also increasing the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments, even killing cancer cells in patients suffering from a range of cancers. ​

Removing Internal & External Toxins

Toxins are hidden in many common household items such as deodorants, shampoos, moisturisers, toothpaste and even tap water. Processed foods which contain refined carbohydrates, sugars, trans fats or processed meats with nitrates can be just as toxic. Learn what to avoid and possible substitutions.

Controlling Your Environment

Create supportive environments, both at work and home, aligned with your wellness plan. Eliminate temptations and circumstances that hinder your healing journey. Foster a nurturing environment by reducing exposure to toxins and other environmental risks. Streamline your living space to prioritise quality sleep, and cultivate a tranquil sanctuary that fosters relaxation and supports your healing process.

Thriving Beyond Remission: Returning to Everyday Life

It is important that when you kick the “C” you do not revert back to habits which may have contributed to its development. Once you are healthy again, continue to eat well and stay active so that you continue to be well.​

"Controlling The Odds" is your comprehensive guide to regaining control of your life after a cancer diagnosis.

This all-in-one resource empowers you to become an active participant in your journey back to wellness.

Controlling The Odds was written out of my frustration and disappointment when my mother was misdiagnosed and shortly after passed away from pancreatic cancer. This book embodies everything I wish I knew back then and so much more.

We explore essential insights on nutrition, mindset management, building support networks, internal and external toxin avoidance, questions to ask your doctor, essential tests to request and how to interpret the results, common treatment terminology, and so much more.

With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and start controlling the odds in your favour, taking charge of your path to recovery.
Available in paperback or eBook.

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Why is what we eat so important?

The old saying couldn’t be more true, “you are what you eat”. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and the quality of each cell is directly related to the quality of the building blocks we provide it from the foods we choose to eat.

While there is no one food which can cure cancer alone, If we take a holistic approach and consciously nourish our bodies with the right nutrients, we can encourage healthy cell growth, boost our immune systems and even repair damaged/mutated cells.

Consuming the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones is one of the many ways we can start controlling the odds in our favour when combatting cancer.

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