Dark Chocolate


We recommend finding a good organic dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa and no more than 25g of sugar per 100g. Even better, if you can find a chocolate that is high in cocoa and sweetened with stevia, not aspartame. Look out for numbers 950 – 955 and if the product lists any of those numbers, put it back on the shelf and keep looking as those numbers represent aspartame.

Consuming 25g of dark chocolate per day; or every other day with a few almonds or cashews makes a healthy and satisfying snack to tide you over in between meals.

Why Dark Chocolate is good for us


A good quality dark chocolate of 80% cocoa or more is rich in minerals, antioxidants and beneficial flavonoids that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers… when consumed in moderation. The higher the cocoa content, generally the lower the sugar content. Therefore, regular milk chocolate can contain up to 55g of sugar per 100g, whereas dark chocolate contains only around 20g of sugar per 100g. A 25g serve of dark chocolate can deliver a punch of nutrients, whilst only delivering 5g of total sugars.

The other benefit of dark chocolate when someone is following what could be perceived as a restrictive anti-cancer diet, is the fact that it tastes great and provides some sense of normality.

While we do not recommend consuming a whole bar of chocolate per day, studies have shown healthy amounts of dark chocolate rich in cacao could actually improve how the body metabolizes glucose which also provides benefits to people with cancer by deflecting the glucose away from cancer cells and tumours which could be used to fuel and stimulate growth.