Protein Powder


A protein shake mixed with berries, almond milk and quality nut butter is a great, balanced snack you can take with you in a thermos and have on the go. Look for products that choose to sweeten with stevia.

Why Protein Powder is good for us


Protein Powder – Low Carb, Naturally Flavoured and not Containing Aspartame 950, 951, 952 or Sucralose 955

While it’s true that whole, unprocessed foods are always the ideal choice for obtaining nutrients including protein, there are certain situations like illness or other dietary restrictions where the use of supplements like protein powders can be beneficial.

For individuals dealing with cancer, maintaining adequate protein intake is crucial as it helps in repairing body tissues and supporting the immune system, which can be heavily compromised during cancer treatments. Good quality protein powders can provide a convenient, efficient, and easily digestible source of high-quality protein that can help meet your nutritional needs and improve the overall well-being of cancer patients. They can be especially helpful for those who have a reduced appetite or difficulty in eating enough food to meet their nutritional requirements.

Choose a high-quality, minimally processed protein powder that does not contain artificial additives, sweeteners, or other potential harmful ingredients. Check the label to ensure it does not contain aspartame (950, 951 and 952) and is naturally flavoured.

You are not always going to feel like having meat with a meal, so utilising a low-carb, good quality protein powder that does not contain aspartame and is naturally flavoured can be an easy and palatable way to increase your protein intake.