Psyllium Husk


Purchase an organic brand of psyllium husk and add a couple of teaspoons to your breakfast or in a smoothie to get your daily fibre intake and help maintain healthy bowel regularity. If you are not at least having one bowel movement per day, your body will be retaining fats and toxins which can build up and cause internal damage and cause a lot of pain. If you are in pain, see a doctor immediately.

Why Psyllium Husk is good for us


Studies have shown that a high-fibre diet which includes plenty vegetables fruits and wholegrains could help protect against bowel cancer. Ispaghula husk, also known psyllium, packs a high amount of nutritional fibre per teaspoon and is easy to ingest if consuming large quantities of vegetables is proving difficult.

So why is fibre so important? Firstly, fibre soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements easier. It binds to fats and toxins, helping remove them from the digestive tract, reducing possible complications due to impacted faecal matter and making it easier for our body to excrete in our stools.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, constipation can be a common side effect which can become quite painful. Maintaining a regular intake of fibre can help reduce these effects and it can be done as simply as adding a couple of teaspoons of psyllium husk to a smoothie.